Natasha greeN

Passion Project Implementer and Your Project Igniter

A Passion Project Should Not Wait Until You Are “Retired.” Today is a great day to start!

“Tomorrow is not promised to no one.” So, stop living an unfulfilled life! You already know what you want to build.

A great thing about Passion Projects is that there is no rush to do it. The project is done in your time and on your schedule. But because it is a “Project” you should have a start time in the near future… just saying. The world needs your ideas, might as well get started today.

What is stopping you from starting your PASSION PROJECT today?

You know, that project that never seems to get started but you always think about doing it? Or that project that just made someone else  “Community Member of the Year”?

Yeah, that project! Imagine how you would FEEL when you have implemented your idea!

What is a Passion Project?

passion project in my eyes is an activity you will do for free. This is a project that gives you extreme joy even when you think about creating it – you become happy out of no where.  Usually, a passion project is your solution to a problem in your community & the world. You know that your project will make the world a better place.

To Increase Your Happiness

A passion project is something that you decide to do.  It’s not a school assignment or something your friends, parents or a boss told you to do. It’s something that you’re doing just because you want to. You’re the Passion Project’s CEO! Meaning the Chief Everything Officer…lol. 

To Have Fun

I learned through my project Petition Party that I wanted to bring people together to learn about their role in the political system. I never wanted to make tons of money on that project. Being connected to others willing to speak about political issues and having engaging conversations is fun to me. So, I built the situation where I can learn, meet others and have fun at the same time. 

To Make Your Life More Meaningful

There are times we worry about the meaning of our life. Having a 9 – 5 job or steady income is great. You made it! You are adulting. But are you really making a valuable contribution to the world the way you want to make it?  Most likely not.

Think about all the times you are extremely happy and figure out how to make that into a passion project. And feel free to start “small.” What might seem small to you is a big deal to someone else. 

*Create Your Own Opportunities*

I Highlighted this one because this is totally me! I am always trying to determine who needs help. How can I give them that help? What do I need to build?  Maybe y’all will think about creating an opportunity for yourself. If you wish you could sing, maybe form a singing group and all of you hire a voice instructor. This is your Passion Project, you can build it any way you want.  

Meet Others and Become More Interesting

I know, I know, I read this somewhere and I think it is so true. People love hearing what others do for a living. Imagine you told someone you started your own knitting club. How cool is that?

The first step is to dust your idea off and read it out loud. The second step is to email me to set up a 15-min call. The last step is to dedicate a start date to build your Passion Project with me. That’s It!

Are you ready to get started with your idea?

About Me

  • Currently, I am a Senior Community Manager at where I work with volunteers worldwide to create projects that impact women technologists.
  • A former Mathematics Teacher for the New York City Department of Education.  
  • I completed three master’s degrees in Computational Chemistry, Mathematics Education and Educational Leadership.
  • I am a EdTech founder of “We Intervene,” an Information and Referral Management System for Counseling Professionals.
  • I am a Founder and Owner of Hidden Gems Archery, a mobile archery business in NYC focusing on schools.

And I have done so many more projects that never made it as a business but was worth every second of the journey!